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Our Story Starts Here

An attorney, a concrete company owner, and two school teachers walk into a basketball game ...


This could be the start of a great joke, but a discussion of "what ifs" at a high school basketball game in 2014 led to a very serious discussion of opening an Original Pancake House restaurant for Pat and Brenda Caligiuri and Chris and Jodi Jannes. Jodi, who had visited the other franchises across the United States, always dreamed of opening her own OPH because of her belief in the product and the quality of the food. Pat, with his previous expertise in running a restaurant years before, saw an opportunity to get back into the food service industry. He quickly planned a trip with his wife, Brenda, to Minnesota, where they would try a taste of OPH. One bite, and they believed in the product, too. It was official; this new business venture was full steam ahead. 

They traveled to Portland, where the "Original" Original Pancake House is located and met with the original owners and founders of this franchise. They were a family who had the same dream and goal once too, to start a business in food service. OPH is family company who prides itself on making a meal that you can share with your family, too. 

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With more than 20 kinds, we have the perfect pancake for every taste!

Get your omelette with cheese, veggies, or meat. You name it, we have it!

If big and fluffy isn't your thing, try our French crepes. Thin but filling!

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